Trench City is yin and yang, black and white, hot and cool; sounds from all the colours of streetlife sung from the heart. So if you don’t like one track try the next, it will be in a totally different style, but always with a beat that sits in your hips and deep lyrics on the lips.

Ask us to put a label on it and we would say RockyRootsyAfroFunkyJungleJamalicious, but what is a label? Just listen. And for those of you who are afraid to make up your own mind and need guidance, just know that NME said

..“Catchy earthy tunes that defy genre and touch something in all of us”..

and The New York Times said

..“Every track is a new invention of sweet sounds and sexy beats with lyrics that make you go hmmmm”..,

while rolling stone magazine said

..“Trench City are like listening to your fave radio station; every tune a different vibe, every one forms a soundtrack to your day”..

Of course, we made those quotes up and they actually said no such thing, but they will as soon as you help us harness the power of the web and get the word out, so listen to the tracks, rate them, check out the band website where you can hear more, tell your friends, and let’s all go to Trench City.

Trench City are Benco, Rickzila, Kelpi and Boukie.